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Our average stamped concrete project takes 3 days to complete. Some can be done in as little as 2 days, while larger projects may take slightly longer to complete.

Day 1 - After the design is complete and all color and pattern choices are made, construction begins. We start by prepping the area, which consists of removing any grass, rocks, ground coverings, existing concrete, etc. Sprinkler lines are cut and capped. This is followed by grading (the addition of road base as required), compaction, form setting, and the placing of 1/2” re-bar on 36” centers.

Day 2 – When the area is fully prepped, 4,000 PSI concrete with integral fiber mesh is poured and a powdered color hardener is troweled into the surface, creating a smooth, even base color with 6,000 PSI compressive strength. A powdered, colored antique release is then applied over the area. At the appropriate time, stamping tools are used to impress both color and texture into the concrete surface.

Day 3 - Clean-up begins. Control joints are cut approximately every 10 feet and will be concealed in the pattern wherever possible. The concrete is power washed, exposing the combination of colors and texture you have chosen. Any required touchups are done at this point. Once completely dry, a solvent-based acrylic sealer is applied. This is a “breathable” cure and seal, and it is the only type of sealer that should be applied during the 30-day curing period. Although requiring 30 days to fully cure, your new stamped concrete may be walked on 1 to 2 days after it is sealed. Large or high-energy pets should be kept off for a few extra days to avoid scratching.