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Restoring Your Hardscapes to Their Former Glory

Restoring & Resurfacing Your Concrete Fixtures

One of the greatest things about concrete installations is that they stand the test of time. They can withstand harsh Colorado winters, as well as a lot of repeated use. But over time, your concrete installations may start to look worn or become chipped. When this happens, you have a couple of different options.

One option available to you is replacing the installation. This can often be expensive and may include heavy demolition and construction that will disrupt your daily routine for weeks. Another choice is concrete restoration. Depending on the type of installation, concrete resurfacing is also a great option. Both of these choices are more affordable and are usually completed very quickly. At Inno-Crete, LLC, we offer a variety of restoration and resurfacing services to clients throughout the Denver, CO, area. These are sure to keep your concrete fixtures looking great for years to come. Contact Rhys at (303) 720-0432 for all of your concrete restoration and resurfacing needs.


Stone Patio

The Resurfacing Process

Similar to refinishing hardwood flooring, resurfacing concrete fixtures is a simple process that will breathe new life into walkways, entryways, patios, and more. To begin the process, we take the time necessary to thoroughly clean the surface that we are refinishing. This is done to remove all the dust and debris, which (if not removed) may hinder the chemicals used in the resurfacing process. We often use pressure washing to ensure that any chips or flakes are removed as well.

Once the surface is cleaned, we repair all chips, cracks, and other areas of weakness. This is often as simple as covering the area with specialized material. By doing this, we are creating a perfectly smooth area that will adhere better to the resurfacing agents.

When the area has been fully prepared, we will coat it with our resurfacing chemicals. This is often a combination of concrete and binding agents. We make sure that this is evenly applied for a level and resilient finish. And just like that, your project is done, and your property looks great!

Stone Walkway

Restoring Worn Concrete

As concrete ages, it may become chipped or cracked. Or the finish my start to look less-than flawless. When this happens, our team of craftsmen can restore your concrete installations to their full glory. At Inno-Crete, LLC, we offer a full range of concrete restoration services that will repair any damage and ensure that the look and feel of your hardscape will remain as charming as ever. From walkways and retention walls to firepits and patios, we know how to handle every type of project.

Our process for restoring concrete changes from job to job, and it is completely based off what you need. In instances where the installation needs repairs, we take the time to fill any chips and repair any cracks. This will ensure the structural integrity, as well as the esthetic of your installation.


In addition to restoring concrete in all its forms, your yard may feature a patio, firepit, entryway, or outdoor kitchen that requires restoration. Our professionals know how to give your outdoor living space an updated look that any guest or visitor is sure to love. With our restoration services, your aging home and yard will look brand new, and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg.

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